My Priorities

Lisa Guzman upholds many core values, one of them being the fight for social justice where it is needed. We need to live in a society where people do not merely support change but fight for it. Read on to learn more of the priorities Lisa Guzman has for the Clark County School District.

#1 Budget- A school board should be transparent and conscious to keep cuts as far away from our students as possible.

​#2 Communication- In CCSD, the communication from the administration to staff is broken. CCSD also needs to improve communication to parents and the community. The board should ensure communication at all levels.

​#3 Safe and Healthy Schools- During COVID-19, there is fear of the unknown. CCSD staff, parents and community members know that safe and healthy schools are imperative. The district should remember that the staff’s working conditions are student learning conditions.

Get to Know Lisa Guzman

Lisa Guzman has served in the education community for over 20 years, holding a variety of roles and titles throughout her career. However, the first thing her friends and family will tell you is that she has not forgotten where she comes from or who she has been fighting for. Committed to change on the CCSD Board of Trustees, Lisa Guzman has set her standards high, and will not stop fighting until a proper balance has been reached. To learn more about Lisa Guzman, please explore the site and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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Upcoming Events

  • Flipping the Script
    Mon, Oct 05
    Students from the Clark County School District will be asking the candidates questions.
  • No Contact Sign Delivery
    Wed, Sep 23
    1077 Pleasure Ln
    My campaign Manager will drop off signs to homes. Sign up for a sign!
  • Phone bank training
    Thu, Jul 16
    Phone bank training
    We are getting together via Zoom to prepare for a night of phone banking fun.
  • Facebook Live Q & A- Ask Me Anything!
    Thu, May 28
    Lisa Guzman for Trustee A Facebook page
    Do you want to know my vision for the Clark County School District? Join me for a Question and Answer Session on May 29th from 3- 4PM.


Lisa Guzman--Candidate for CCSD Trustee District A


Justin Guzman--Campaign  Manager


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